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We offer you cryptocurrency tips for your own financial investments at the crypto exchange of your choice


Understandable detailed analyzes of price changes or value developments

Discord group

Use the experiences of the moderator and other Discord users. In addition, you get access to all important news, analyzes and strategies to benefit from the cryptocurrency market.

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Portfolio adjustments in the rapidly changing market

DCA-Strategie Tool

Due to many years of experience in the field of crypto currencies, KryptoInvestments has developed a tool to benefit from the changing market phases!

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Constant monitoring and sharing of information regarding the cryptocurrency market

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One-on-one interviews to answer all your questions about cryptocurrencies

Knowledge and tools for your investment success in cryptocurrencies

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Main reasons

Using OnChain Data, you can find out why you should definitely invest in cryptocurrencies



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Avoid rookie mistakes

Here we explain to you what to look out for as a beginner!

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Our offers

Here you can find our offers. Likewise, everything related to crypto currencies such as hardware, specialist books etc .........

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Stock exchange

Here you can find out which bonuses you can get for registering with the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges

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Here you will find all the important websites, tutorials, and guides that will optimally prepare you for the crypto world




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Discord group

Here you will always get the latest news, investment strategies around cryptocurrencies. You also benefit from the experiences of the Discord moderators and other users.


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Eric Schmidt. Google Board of Directors, March 16, 2014  
Erik Schmid Google Vorstand
Bitcoin is an incredible cryptographic achievement. The ability to create something that cannot be duplicated in the digital world is very valuable.
Jeff Garzik. Co-founder of Bloq Inc., May 6, 2013
Jeff Garzik Mitbegruender B
When I first heard about Bitcoin, I thought it was impossible. How can you have a pure digital currency? I didn't understand how to do that and then I looked and it was brilliant. "



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